Visit to The Ribble Valley in search of Fabulous Venues & Catering Supremos

Sally & I were on a bit of mission, we've been trying to get out of the office to visit Mitton Hall for ages, we have a number of bookings all from really stylish brides, who you just know have excellent taste, but since the Hall's massive refurbishments we just haven't found a window of opportunity, not only this but we also needed a get together with the exceptionally talented chef and off site caterer Breda Murphy finding the time was impossible that is until last week....

So the plan was, meet up with Alana at Mitton Hall, do a grand tour, mentally create floral designs to fit spaces, Logistically figure out how to get said floral designs in and out and generally get to know the space and soak in the atmosphere.

Very simple, but not when you see how amazing this place is, traditional heavy Tudor panelling and tapestry of the entrance hall meets "iPod" white styling and decor of the almost perfect function suite, you can put a rainbow of colour in there or keep it simple your choice. Check out the virtual tour

We were, we have to admit, knocked out, we were shown bedrooms "Kings Suite" with biggest four poster, I could almost see wedding gowns and veils hanging from the frame and the bride sat in the huge bay window make up artist creating...

The standard guest rooms were uber stylish too with Phillipe Starck Ghost chairs and minimal but exctiting art.

Alana the events coordinator was a joy, seriously well informed but not scary she was genuinley excited and more importantly deeply proud of Mitton Hall.

Sally and I loved the post wedding conservatory space and terraced garden that leads down to the river. Our very first wedding will be this Friday so look out for our snaps....

Alana events coordinator at Mitton Hall, Alana invited us to stay for lunch we really wanted to, but common sense prevailed, timings made it impossible and we headed off to meet Breda...
The restaurant at Mitton Hall that becomes one of their Civil Ceremony rooms.
Now this is where we did stop for eats, Breda is inspiring, quite fabulous and her food emporium is a Lunch hot spot, Sally & I were just going to have a quick snack and then get down to business, we should've known better....Breda chose our menu for us which included the most mouthwatering Dorade I was immediately transported to The Mediterranean, and Marmalade sponge with brown bread ice cream, what can I say? Sally was driving so just me for a glass of Rose, the sparkling mineral water loooked lovely too.
We did select treats for taking home, Tunisian orange cake is heaven in a mouthful.
We eventually got to discussing off site catering and menu selections for themed events coming shortly but all of that seems a bit blurred and fussy around the edges brought on by the hedonistic nature of Breda's fabulous food.
Looking forward to working with Breda soon...


Wow! Mitton Hall looks amazing! Looking forward to seeing what you do there on friday!


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