Richard & Judy Invitation to Read

This is an interesting development Sally, Rebecca & I have been asked to read and review this book for The Richard & Judy Book Club, we're being filmed next Monday for what may be their very last show.

Weirdly it's quite hard to read a book to order, I easily read a book or infact, often two books a week but because I have to I'm really finding it difficult to get into, Rebecca has the 70 page rule if she hasn't got into it by then it's history, as of today both Rebecca and I were only at page 45 a bit odd as we were reading independently and had matched each others efforts page for page.

I'm really hoping it gets better... it may not make it as far as 70 pages!

If you're planning on giving it a read please remember to buy it from our favourite independent book shop Silverdell in Kirkham, at least if the book is dissapointing the ice cream won't be!

The other books I'm reading at the moment have been gifts from some of my gorgeous Flower Design Girls, Carol Drinkwaters The Olive Tree which is excellent and thoroughly enjoyable, and the exceptionally brilliant Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights by Sophie Dahl which is wonderful these diversions are probably preventing me from getting into The Senators Wife.


Anonymous said…
Oooh such a feeling of delight, I'm way ahead of you two girlies, does that just make me a bit sad though?!! Hypothetical - please don't answer that. Sals xx

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