NSPCC Floral Demonstration for "Blackpool Bears"

Welcome to a very posh fund raising luncheon organised by our local NSPCC committee, the event was organised in order to raise money for "Blackpool Bears" a fabulous charity that enables disabled children to participate in sports the aim was to buy a specifically modified bike...
So by the skin of my teeth and the great work of the staff at Fullwood Hall Hospital, I made it to The Grand Hotel just in the nick of time to create some very beautiful floral masterpieces...

My wonderful florist, number one right hand woman at Flower design Emma had prepared all of my lovely containers and chosen all of the flowers so some parts of the demonstration were as much of surprise to me as it was to my very generous audience, many thanks ladies for your patience and understanding, it wasn't exactly my finest hour but as the saying goes "The show must go on"

I do need to say a few more thank you's too, to David Austin Roses for providing such exquisite roses they made my presentation such a joy, to Gerben in Holland many thanks for deciphering my drug riddled flower list and again for finding me such beautiful blooms to work with, to Sally (Who I can't live without) for holding it all together and for knowing that having my hair done was absolutely essential, thanks to Michelle at Richards hair and Beauty for squeezing me in at half an hours notice, you'll never know how much of a difference it made.
To caroline & Derek at The Grand thank you so much for your help and support, you are both totally brilliant.

To the committee, thank you for trusting us and not panicking, I really hope you made lots of money and that everyone enjoyed their afternoon.
Most of all thanks to Jason without whom nothing would be possible... Love You!


Adam Hill said…
Love your demonstration, the cakes on the stand look good enough to eat..... how clever you are ... "Five Star".... .hope your are ok, say Hi to Jason for me too. dont work too hard !!!


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