Jali "Amazing"

My dear friend Shilpa from The Carlton Hotel invited us to Jali to celebrate their fabulous 2nd Birthday, and what a treat, Jason and I have been a couple of times I've told you about it before, but you know, you really do have to go, it's so special, I love all the seriously authentic touches.

The superficial person that I undoubtedly am adores how very beautifull all of the waiting on staff are, the exquisitly beautiful front of house lady in her glorious red sari, the heady fragrance of Indian incense when you enter, the decor, the tranquility, the out and out specialness of it just made me want to tell you all about it and force you all to go.
But more importantly than all of that is how truly delicious the food is this week they're having a Thali festival which looked spectacular on the plate but more than that was utterly divine on the palate.
The starter was a combination of Chicken Tikka (Much better than the one we had at Michelin Starred Benares), Lamb Samosa & Sheek Kebab, now all of these things sound familar but they are light years better than any I've tasted anywhere else.
The Thali, Chicken Korma (Sounds ordinary but just wasn't you can taste every spice), Keema Mutter (Lamb Mince with peas, rich gravy & Spices), Goan Fish Curry (My personal favourite), Chaana Masala(Chick Pea Curry), Aloo Gobi (Cauliflower Florets & Potato).
The rice was all light and fluffy, the Daal delicious but The Puri Bread was to die for, I wanted to take some home it was so fresh light and crisp with a soft centre (And seriously fattening I'm sure).
Now I've never really had puddings at an Indian Restaurant but this is Jali so I couldn't resist the Payasham, Vermicelli cooked in Saffron Milk, flavoured with Cardamon & Pistachio Nuts, come on could anyone resist that!
Now as you can see by Thali Platter I couldn't quite manage it all and if you look really carefully you'll see the crumb I left...

Thank You Shilpa for such a fabulous evening, we all thoroughly enjoyed it.
The Jali, Thali Festival is on until tonight so get a table booked or check out their website for future special events here's the telephone number 01253 622223
And if you live away why not make a weekend of it and stay at The Carlton (Next Door) and eat at Jali, come and see our new promenade too it's quite fantabulous!


Anonymous said…
I am really looking forward to my visit now. I will have to ring Shilpa tomorrow and get a date booked in...
Unknown said…
Thank you for the lovely comment and the flowers. Andrea from Best Western Carlton Hotel
Katiesp said…
It was lovely to meet you at the Stay Blackpool day, and today I met one of your daughters! I went into Kathleen's today to buy some special flowers form my mums birthday, although she is no longer here I like to mark the day. I was delighted to get a hand tied bouquet with peony's in, they were one of my mum's favorite's and is one of my earliest garden flower memories.
Now your daughter I recognize her from Whittakers Dance Centre, my daughter Emily has been there for the last two years and loves it and of course the penny has just dropped, you do the flowers for the Foundation Day!
ABC Video Blog said…
Wow, that looks fab...may have to book a babysitter and get out for once!
Anonymous said…
Dear Jane

It was a pleasure to meet you at the Stay Blackpool Members day, I have got to say that although I found the rest of the day intresting and useful I thought that your presentation was the best, you delevered it with so much passion that I felt inspired to do something for Jali on my return, so very soon with your kind offer of helping me I too will have a blogg for Jali.

I am convinced that your customers at Flower Design receive nothing but the best from you and your Team as you are so passionate about your business.

Jane, I am so happy to know that the family enjoyed the celbrations for Jali's 2nd Birthday and the chef's will certainly appreciate the photo of the empty Thali.

The flowers you kindly sent are gracefully accepted and have brighten the reception of the Best Western Carlton Hotel, thank you to Jason and yourself.

On the 8th of June Jali is hosting a Tom Jones evening so please make a note in the dairy, we would love to see you, your family and friends there.

All the best


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