Greetings from Fullwood Hall

Okay so sorry for the lack of postings this week, Ive been for a break (Not my leg just a mini vacation) in Fullwood Hall Hospital, nothing serious just some routine maintenance, I thought I might give my self some Romance and tell you I'd had a facelift, Boob Job or Tummy Tuck (I could probably use them all) or something but ahh the truth will out.

Any way I just wanted to tell you how phenominal the nurses and doctors are at this magnificent establishment (sorry the same can't be said for the facilities bathrooms are terrible, showers on raised platforms, regular flooding!!) but back to the staff, I love Denise (Day) and Jackie (Night) Pritti (Who seems to be here all the time) and Antonia (Doctor extrodinaire and best drip putter in in the business), they have all looked after me brilliantly.

The food has really gone up a notch "Sean the Chef" creates some really chefy food that makes you feel like eating and all the catering girls are so cheerful, now last but not least the lovely ladies that cleaned my room, many thanks for the book I read it last night and have left it for you along with the one I finished this morning.

To be honest from the minute you walk in and are greeted by lovely receptionists all the way through to XRay, Physio and everything in-between the girls and boys have been utterly sublime and I thank them for their professionalism.

Dr Munavvar is the Greatest! we brokered a deal "if he guaranteed I 'd be out by Wednesday night I'd come in" which means I'll be home in time to do tomorrows demonstration for the NSPCC Ladies at The Grand Hotel.

I hope you love the flowers Jo made & Jason brought for me, they've kept me very happy all week.

P.S. Thanks for letting me use my laptop!


Hey Jane,

Sounds like you're feeling ok so that's the main thing!

How nice that having to spend a few days in hospital can be made so comfortable by lovely people - your few days in there sound better than some holidays I've been on!


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