Wedding Flowers at The Villa, Wrea Green

Another lovely day and another gorgeous wedding, this is the wedding day of Nicola & Michael Holroyd who were married on Saturday 25th April 2009 at The Villa in Wrea Green.

"Bubble Gum & Sugared Almonds" was our inspiration title, we really wanted the colour palette to reflect the fabulous shades of the bridesmaid's gowns.

Nicola looked absolutely divine in her exquisite gown from Dreamcatcher in Kirkham

Nicola's bouquet was created as a hand tied bridal bouquet, we included Aqua & Blue Curiosa Roses, Lilac Freesia, Ageratum, Germinis, Lissianthus, Angelique Tulips, Phlox, Blue Bells, Sweet Peas and Hyacinth.

We imagined all of the bouquets to be relaxed and youthful, each one to have an innocence and an individuality just like the bride and her bridesmaids.

The Groom's Mum & Dad Alan & Eileen
Eileen's corsage compliments her ensemble beautifully, we used white Rose Petals rolled, a single Crystal Blush Calla Lily and some teal bullion rolled into a sphere finished with a teal voile ribbon.

Nicola's extremely handsome and slightly nervous Groom Michael, we made Michael a Hot Pink Rose and Ageratum Buttonhole.

The Ceremony Room was dressed with Nicola's favourite Goldfish Bowls and a very elegant traditional style pedestal design complete with candle and the very first of this seasons Alliums.

Angelique such a beautiful end of season tulip, we love her.

I love using seasonal flowers and these lovely Blue Bells are just perfect for the time of year, as we drove through Wrea Green on Saturday there were just hundreds of them.

The Villa has a fabulous random, bespoke, homely feel which really relaxes everyone, the staff were also really helpful and very attentive to everyones needs, it was a great pleasure for us to work there and we enjoyed Stewart's (General Manager) hospitality almost as much as the guests did.

The girls wore fab gowns also from Dreamcatcher Bridal, the colous were chosen to compliment each Bridesmaid's individual colouring, it really worked too.

Kelly wore a shade called "Bubblegum" & Olivia wore "Carnation", Sarah was in "Wisteria" & Sophie fabric colour is called "Sweet Tarte"

Harry was the very best behaved young man there and he looked brilliant in his suit a smaller version of the grown up suits, we made him a miniature Rose Bud Buttonhole.

This is a close up of Sophie's bouquet we altered the colour balance in each bouquet to enhance the shades of the gowns, we've included sweet Peas, Ageratum, Ocean Song roses, Phlox "Bright eyes" and "Blue Moon" Freesia, an extremeley fragrant bouquet.

Sarah's Bouquet was more "Wisteria" Shaded with "Blue Curiosa" Roses and "Black Cherry Yoghurt" Tulips, Blue Bells and one of my old faithful's Alchemilla Mollis.

Olivia's Bouquet was more "Hot pink" we used "Sarah Bernhardt" Peonies, Aqua Roses, Germini's and Sweet Peas.

Kelly's bouquet was much paler and softer shades to co-ordinate with her "Bubblegum" gown, we used Lissianthus and the very palest Sweet Peas and peonies.

Nicola has the most wonderful figure and she looked simply perfect in her Benjamin Roberts wedding gown from Dreamcatcher Bridal.

The colours looked fabulous altogether and Nicola just took everyone's breath away.

The photographer for the day Anurag Sharma from Shutterleaf Photography, he was so kind to us and extremely generous, allowing us to get some great flower shots, he's also offered to send us some professional images later in the year, so I'll do a post dedicated to them, many thanks Anurag.

Michael looking for his bride

The ceremony was conducted beautifully and sincerely by Karen from Blackpool Registry Office
The girls were having a great time and colours were fab on the eye

Congratulations to Nicola & Michael and many thanks for allowing Flower Design to be such a big part of your very special day, we had a phenominal day with you all.

The Wedding Cake dressed with fresh flowers and a single Vanda Orchid in the glass cylinder seporator.

The top table was situated in the bay window, The Villa is very cosy with really great antique features which added to the feeling and atmosphere of romance at this wedding

The tables were dressed with goldfish bowls a particular favourite of Nicola & Michael's.

On some of the other tables we arranged tall narrow vases filled with fresh Alliums, Molucella and Roses.

This spray decorated the seating plan

Everyone spilled outside to enjoy the sunshine

The Villa looked very majestic

Nicola's Mum Jane gave her away, we made her a very special epaulette corsage of Germini petals, roses and Orchids they complimented her ensemble perfectly.

The Very Happy Couple


LOVE the fishbowls Jane, probably one of my favourite things you guys do. Looks like you did a fabulous job as always!

Dreamcatcher said…
All looked absolutely fabulous!
We loved the way the flowers were tonal with each dress, such pretty colours all together. We knew Nicola and the girls would look fantastic.

Gill & Georgina
Anurag Sharma said…
Thank you for the mention Jane.

Lots of comments from the guests on how fab your flowers were.

Nicola's daughter told me today that the house is full of some wonderful scents from the flower collections you guys provided.

As promised, I'll pass on some of the photos from the wedding, once ready. This was the first wedding I had covered and I had a whale of a time. I checked out Jonny's wonderful images (who seems to be a dab hand this photography lark :-) .....and it's got me all a good way. Excellent images Jonny.

Ditto on the fishbowl flowers....beautiful.

All the best,

So cool! Very novel and I wonder how you would have them delivered since my florist definitely doesn't carry these.
Anurag Sharma said…
Hi Jane,

A selection of Nicola & Michael's wedding photographs, including examples of some of your flower designs, are now on the website:

thanks and best regards,


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