Spring Wedding at St. Peter's & Barton Grange

Helen & Stephen Cosgrove's Wedding Day on 29th March

The gorgeous spring flowers graced the Altar and Pews of St Peter's Church, Lytham. I used some lovely Eremurus or "Fox Tail Lily" as it's sometimes known, I adore the limey green shades of the Molcella & Viburnum Opulus, St Peter's is quite dark so using the candles to illuminate the designs really helps and also spotlights some of the more gentle blooms.

I made lovely posies of spring Tulips, Hyacinths and forget me nots to dress the end of each Pew.

Helen's gorgeous mum Jeanette wore a very light and delicate fabric consequently the corsage we created featured individually rolled rose petals to ensure a lightness and delicacy.

Stephen, the very handsome groom wore a fresh Rose boutonierre with a sprig of fragrant Lily of the Valley and some pips of Muscari

The bride arrived under a "shower of blessings" from above, Helen looked fabulous in her "Dreamcatcher" Gown, The Bridesmaids wore a combination of ivory and forget me not blue.

Wedding bouquet and bridesmaids bouquets were made using forget me nots, muscari, peonies and ranunculas.

"Forget me not" Our Thoughs and Inspirations were...
The designs we will create for the day will be unforgettable but not because of their imposing stature or structured shapes far from it, they will be remembered for their intricacy and their individual beauty. We wish to create something that the bridal party and their guests can admire as an overall picture but also something so detailed that the longer they look the more they see, as though each arrangement has a tale to tell, tiny hidden gems, secrets a bit like the city of New York.

The Blue Bell or Hyacinth for example, taking inspiration from the shade of the bridesmaids dresses, we wanted to use them throughout the designs, when you imagine parks filled with swooning bluebells like a sea, then when you look closer at the individual fairy like bells dancing in the spring breeze, it becomes something else quite different from the ocean of blue of the masses but both views are equally as pleasing.
Blue bells, hyacinths, forget me nots are all indicative of the time of year Spring Time. We feel that spring itself should be a motif carried through all of the designs as it is symbolic of the beginning of a new life, Stephen & Helen's newly married life. This can be represented through the colours of the spring sky, the Britishness of Spring time, particularly using traditionally British flowers such as the afore mentioned Hyacinths, Forget me Nots, Blue bells as well as Peonies, Roses and Ranunculas and focusing on a little Scottish twist for Stephen by using some pale blue Eryngium thistles.
Helen really is a true English Rose and her bouquet really embraced ths.

The Pew Ends were used on the Champagne Tables and seating plan.

Rachel lighting all the candles

Fresh Muscari & Eryngium Thistles decorating the chocolate boxes

Wedding Cake decorated with fresh Flowers to complement the wedding colours


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