Florists Love Chocolate...

Meet my new very bestest friend Bob, Bob makes the most amazing chocolate ever tasted, he's married to Jane, so I feel we're almost married, well at least I know he loves my name. Bob & Jane own Saunders in the Rheged Centre and they are simply brilliant at chocolate making.
Bob took me around the back to see his kitchen (not a euphemism for something else), he showed me chocolate to make your mouth water, he introduced to flavours I'd only dreamed of like "Coconut & mixed spice" & "Blackcurrant & Chilli", I admit I tried some and bought many, all have been utterly delicious.

I sent a glorious box of delight including a "Lake District Sheep" to Rebecca in London she phoned me this morning totally beside herself with joy and pleasure having eaten a "Strawberry & white Pepper" chocolate for breakfast.

Jane & Bob make fantastic Wedding Favours including fabulous chocolate shells filled with divine chocolates for a table of guests to share.
Here's a link to Bob & Jane's shop Saunders

Jason and I kept seeing signs for red squirrels all over the country lanes on which we travelled however the chocolate red squirrels were the only ones we saw. I'm really hoping for a Saunders treat for Easter.
I fell in love with this baby duckling and had to take her picture, she's called Jemima


Those chocs look AMAZING!

Might have to pay them a visit one day!


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