Engagement Party Flowers at Chicory in Lytham

Carla & Michael's engagement party on Sunday 19th May at Chicory in Lytham

We arranged Carla's favourite Peonies, Roses and Hydrangeas in glass vases, all were simply hand ties so she could give them away to special friends at the end of the evening.

Chicory is a fabulous place for a celebration, the food is always wonderful and service spot on.
This globe vase greeted guests as they arrived

The vase above was in the centre of the Champagne table and looked fresh and vibrant.

Congratulations to Carla & Michael


Wow! A busy few days Jane! Recent weddings look gorgeous with the blue skies and sunshine!

Love the shot of the Chicory shadow on the floor with the flowers - I'll be nicking that one off you!


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