Easter Flower Design Demonstration & Afternoon Tea at Lytham Hall

"Eggstravaganza" Flower Design's Easter Demonstration, held at the very magnificent Lytham Hall, Lytham Hall are having an Easter family fun day this weekend check out their blog for more information.

Flower Design, Rowley's Catering, Lytham Hall, Mark Holland (Opera singer) & Jonny Draper Photography all got together to create a wonderful afternoon's entertainment for all of our clients, the floral designs complete with containers were raffled off with proceeds going to Trinity Hospice in The Fylde. If you would like to be added to our mailing list for our events please send me an e-mail to jane@flowerdesign.co.uk
This is our exquisitely beautiful Flower Design Floral Easter Egg, the design is based on a Faberge Egg complete with jewels and pearls and presented on a gorgeous crystal cake plate.
Each flower & petal was individually pinned into place with either diamante pins or divine pearl silver cased pins, the effect was quite breath taking.

Each view of the egg was quite different from another.

The wonderful and very amazing Jonny Draper, my very good friend and truly brilliant photographer, Jonny took nearly all of the photographs on this posting and he also took the fabulous "Faux Wedding" photographs at our Flower Design Supper Club a few weeks ago. Jonny is an event photographer and he also photographs weddings quite superbly too. We recommend him for all of the afore mentioned reasons and also because he's great to have around and completely professional to work with so thanks Jonny for these pics they're fab!
Stephanie Dunlop & Mark Holland, we met Steph a few months ago when we were helping her with an event at Weeton Army barracks, Steph has great taste particularly in men, Mark's lovely.

Mark Holland is a spectacular Opera singer and here he is singing to our great friend Jenny Edwards (you can just see her reaction in the mirror) it was Jenny's birthday and she does enjoy a great singer. Here's Mark's Email kramdnalloh@hotmail.co.uk

Everyone seemed to have a fabulous afternoon, the savouries and cakes created by Paul Rowley and his team at Rowley's Catering were just delicious.

I think I managed to hold everyones attention

I designed Candelabras & Pot et Fleurs to make your mouth water

Heather the very lovely lady in the bottom picture was the lucky winner of the candelabra, she asked us to deliver it to the Hospice with her compliments.

The boys worked the room

Jason went around the room selling raffle tickets, thank you for your generosity everyone

Old friends Jenny Edwards & New Friends Gemma & Gemma's Mum from The Weird Fish Restaurant in St. Michael, we'll be doing an event with them on the 10th June so look out for the information on this here blog or send me an e-mail if you'd like to know more jane@flowerdesign.co.uk
Our very lovely Chef Paul Rowley told us all about Lytham Hall
There was lots of photographs being taken which is always a good sign

The very lovely Christy from Lytham Hall, Christy was a beautiful bridesmaid at an event we did a few weeks ago here's a link to Christy the Bridesmaid

This is my Easter Pot et Fleur complete with an Easter Tree, Rabbit and baby lambs and ducklings!
The Easter Lamb with a slightly scary Easter Egg tummy.
A Close up of the candelabra with gloriosa lilies & Phalaenopsis Orchids.
Mark Holland treats us all to his fabulous singing. Jenny gets a Birthday Cake & a kiss from Paul who could ask for more?
Lytham Hall is quite beautiful and The Gold Room is perfect for about 50 people to sit down for a dinner, this room is also liscenced for civil weddings.
This Hand tied heart design was my favourite of the day it was in a decorative style with lots of ribbons, pearls and feathers, the lady that won it was seriously thrilled.
Jason & Ben Drew the raffle

Magnificent Lytham Hall


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