Bridal Bouquet of White Peonies & Sweet Peas

This is Nicola's gorgeous trial bridal bouquet, Nicola's wedding will be in May.
Within the heart of the bouquet are a few beautiful white call lilies that just add depth, the handle of the bouquet will be finished with the silk from Nicola's wedding gown.


Hi! I'm from the state of Kansas in the United States. I LOVE flowers - that's why I photograph them as still life images. Time and time again I keep telling myself I need to learn HOW to arrange the flowers. I'm always in a hurry to photograph - I never take time out to officially make an arrangement like you do. Today I posted a still life image I did a couple of years ago of some peonies - check it out at

Again, I wish I could really arrange flowers!
Anonymous said…
Hi, Im just a bit curious on what flowers you used to make this gorgeous bouquet, my name is Kristina and im getting married in July and I just absolutely fell in love with this bouquet! : )

I really would love to know, If you get a chance and wouldn't mind letting me know my email is

Your blog is really great. I get some good ideas for my wedding.

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