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OK this posting isn't really about flowers it's more to do with blogging and the power of that medium and about the greatness of independently owned businesses doing their own thing....

Elaine & Sue own Silverdell Book Store in Kirkham, it's a fabulous business, they get the most amazing authors for book signings and they organise lots of superb literary events.

I read random books avidly, as many of you know I'm not a big sleeper in fact three hours a night if I'm lucky, so the rest (Well almost) of the night is devoted to silent activity; reading and blogging, you may've noticed postings completed around 2:00am.

I have a "book of the week" slot on my blog to let you know what I'm reading, thanks to all of you who take the trouble to e-mail me with reccomendations and your opinion on my selection.

I did have a shaky start with a book called "The Book of Laughter & Forgetting" I loved the title and I never ever read the blurb, I told you I was reading it and then about three quaters of the way through I realised it was a more than a little rude to coin a phrase my mum uses, so I apologise now for those of you that fell into the trap of reading it and I know many of you did because you told me and chastised me, not only that you went into Silverdell to find it, which of course surprised my lovely friends there, quite gentile ladies purchasing quite a radical book.

But this highlighted a need to work together, Elaine & Sue from Silverdell now send me books to read (Books already checked out for dodgy content) though they assure me they may get a bit racey but not quite in the same league as my previous choice. I collect cookery books and not suprisingly flower and floristry related books though not gardening books and apart from that I'll read anything.

I learned that books often surprise you, a few years ago when my first born was doing GCSE English she really got into War Poetry which really wasn't my bag (Up until this point I only read happy books) but helping her with revision really taught me to appreciate and indeed love lots of different genres so thanks to Rebecca for showing me the way, after that I never bothered to read the blurb on the back or in fact the picture on the front I just went for titles (Hence my problem earlier).

Now the superb thing is I'm now reading some of the best literature ever the Jodi Picoult book I read last week "My Sisters Keeper" would never have been one I would've chosen but I've loved it, it made me think, it made me laugh, it made me cry, it was a great read and next week thanks to Elaine & Sue I get to meet the Author at a literary lunch at The Grand, it couldn't get much better could it? Actually if some of you came too it would be the cherry on the cake, I honestly don't know if they have any tickets left but give them a ring and see, I'd love you to come here's the link

And tomorrow they have one of my all time favourite authors Victoria Hislop in the shop from 2:30-3:30, I wish I could get to meet her but I'm doing a very beautiful wedding at The Inn at Whitewell tomorrow afternoon, but perhaps you can make it.

Find out more about the Victoria Hislop visit to Silverdell follow the Link


Nice arrangement you've got going there Jane!

Seriously though, it just shows that if independent businesses work together, they can help to benefit each other in so many different ways.

Really interesting post!

Julie said…
Thanks for the tip...will have to pay a visit with eldest son who I struggle to keep 'fed' with need of more inspiration!

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