18th Birthday Dinner Party Flowers

Welcome to the Salon in The Grand Hotel, Lytham St Annes.
This is "Little Emily's" 18th Birthday party, she's a very classy young lady with dramatic overtones and we felt this combination of fresh bright youthful colours, the individual flowers chosen and the way they are arranged are absolutely Emily, this is a very personal and individual table design created for a very special person.

The Flower Design seating plan for all the guests to sign

Each cube contains a simple design of either one or two varieties of Emily's favourite blooms.

Spring Lilac & Viburnum for Emily's youthfulness and her new beginnings.

Vanda Orchids for the absolutely Dramatic Little Emily

The roses for an English rose.

The white peonies are so pure, clean and innocent.

The order of the arrangement of these flowers is also so completely Emily, she is an amazing organiser and she loves order.

Little Emily is one of the very best Saturday Girls we've ever had at Flower Design and we all love her lots and wish her a very Happy 18th Birthday.


Unknown said…
These floral cubes are gorgeous in color and styling! Very beautiful work!!!!

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