Plant Buying in Aalsmeer, Holland

So after a sleepless night on the "Pride of Rotterdam" we arrived nice and early at the biggest flower & plant auction on earth.

We were there to hand select our plants for Mother's day next week, we were particularly looking for beautiful orchids and scrummy bulbs and we weren't dissapointed. Jason with our train of trolleys, we add up as we go along but he's always anxious that I've sneaked something on a trolley without him seeing.

The giant giraffe can be yours for a mere snip, I think we may have difficulty fitting it on our vehicle.

The Orchids were superb and we've brought back a fabulous selection all youthful and in bud.
The trains of trolleys go on for miles, rows upon rows upon rows of magical blooms.

We bought some beautiful and some quite mysterious plants, look out for them in our window and shop displays.

When you can have magnificent markings and superb colours on naturally grown plants it always mystifies me why anyone would want to dye or un-naturally colour flowers.

Ladies Slipper Orchids & Oriental mystery, how very exciting!!

There are lots of fresh flower displays to inspire and excite us

We met some lovely new friends with a flower shop in France, we were both doing our best to fit as much as possible into our respective vehicles, so we shared pairs of hands and advice on packing.
We then went off in search of "Russian Dolls" at Tica and were tempted by some other glorious vases, pots and stands, it's always a surprise to me when we get back just how much we've bought.
Emma, Jo & Rachel are going to start work on our Window displays later to day so come and have a look over the weekend and be be-dazzeled and inspired.


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