Flower Design Go to a Fashion Show

My very beautiful 2nd born and her extremely talented and gorgeous friends in her "Young Enterprise" group organised a fantastic evening of "Cheap Couture" at Fylde Rugby Club.

The idea was simple they had a small budget to buy clothes from local charity shops and then pitched them against the fabulous designs from "Pond" in St Annes.

The Flower Design Team were there in force, we're very much into fashion don't you know!

The girls all looked amazing in "Gok'd" clothes but we concluded that they'd probably look fabulous in bin bags.

Little Emily took to the cat walk if only to collect her raffle winnings
The 2nd borns boyfriend Henry, didn't want to miss out on a bit of modelling too


Ben Glover said…
Jane, Why did you not remind me of this event, I would have love to have gone, to give my moral support of course !

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