Valentine's Day Preparations; Team Flower Design Rise to the Challenge

We've even flown in the reserves, this is the very talented and lovely "Big Emily" (She is "Big Emily" at approx 5' 9" whilst "Little Emily" is approx 4'11")

"Big Emily" has been in Australia for the past year and phoned us whilst watching Possums to see if her presence was needed, of course it was and so here she is, thank goodness.

I fear she may be feeling the cold! but I told her she just needed to work a bit faster! These are today's contracts all with a Valentine Vibe.
Orchids are superb at this time of the year.
Hearts of Dog Wood look really cool and don't cost the earth. Heart shaped red vases complete the very "Camp" look we were aiming at.
Emma in charge and in control (obviously not of her tongue though!)


Anonymous said…
I saw your gorgeous flowers in Pure Beauty I recognise the hearts, they are always stunning. P

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