Fabulous London

This is a photograph of Number One Daughter with some very beautiful flowers in The Novotel in Hammersmith, the flowers were provided by First Impression 02077209070

More tales of the London trip later on today, and here they are....

So whistle stop visit, the brief was to pack in as much of Rebecca’s London life as possible, my 1st born is at LAMDA in Barons Court, she wanted us to stay in a hotel on the same line as her so we found ourselves at The Novotel in Hammersmith (We won’t be staying there again!).

We finished work at about 5:00, we arrived about 9:00, Rebecca met us in the foyer of the hotel, (the very best thing about this hotel is the flowers) we then set off on foot for The Curtain Up, I actually witnessed my own daughter drink from a pint glass (quite horrifying), then a series of tubes to Berkley Square and Benares table booked for 10:00, fantastic Indian food, the Tandoor cooked lamb chops were amazing (Rebecca had not been there before, students don’t usually, but this was our treat, her house mates have been to The Ivy etc with their parents so as Liv would say “What ya gonna do?”). Back at the hotel for 1:30am sleep…. 8:00 am alarm, a walk, then a bus (me on a bus, can you imagine, apparently I looked mighty out of place) and then a series of tubes (remember this is her lifestyle not ours) more walking and we arrive at Electric Brassiere for a superb brunch, Rebecca chose a breakfast Smoothie & eggs Benedict, Jason had a Bloody Mary and a massive Breakfast, I had the most delicious French Toast with Pecan & Maple butter mmmm.

Rebecca then went back for some rehearsals for a couple of hours but not before introducing us to Humming Bird Bakery we bought a box full of “Red Velvet Cup Cakes” for the girls at Flower Design.

Jason & I went to investigate loads of different Flower Shops our favourite was “Angel Flowers” in Islington, great shop, lovely flowers and the staff were really knowledgeable.

Ottolenghi is one of my favourite places so I bought a feast of take home goodies for tonight’s dinner and a very special packed lunch for Olivia to take to school today. A few doors up was a wine shop with a difference The Sampler, here’s the thing they allow you to sample loads of different wines from inexpensive £8.99 quaffing wines to the King of Spain’s favourite “Vega Sicilia Unico 1969 at £450.00, you can buy as little as two mouthfuls to taste which was just brilliant, Jason bought 2 bottles (The King of The Fylde’s Favourite Barolo) to go with the Ottolenghi purchases.

Then to another pub “The Barnsbury” where we met Rebecca and Ben (Mark & Claire’s son also studying in London) we enjoyed a fantastical Sunday Dinner and enjoyed their company it all ended too soon and we were back on the tube, bus and finally car arriving on The Fylde in the early hours, today I’m exhausted, I’m also lead to believe this is Rebecca’s lifestyle non stop, oh to be a teenager!


Anonymous said…
'Allo Jane, this is my first visit to your blog (but won't be the last), being eager to impress (and not be eaten alive) I wanted my first time to be special so my interest would be genuine. Luckily, you gave me the option of just clicking on Rebecca's name (keep her sweet). Count your lucky stars that she seems to have led you to the 'nice', 'hygenic' places, ive been dragged to places that could instill disease. More importantly im going to move on to further reading of your insights, I've written so much because your writing is so friendly that i feel like im having a chat with you. See you soon Reb's Charlie p.s if you could secretly put into your next blog what her favourite flowers are you would be a life saver (shes acting as though im supposed to know!)

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