Views of Flower Design, January 2009

LSA black glass goblet, filled with Albiflora, Allium, Scabiosa and Viburnum Opulus
Black Glass cube vase with Eryngium, Albiflora and Scabious

Hyacinths in a recycled hurricane lamp, with crab apples and moss
So I've just finished reading "Brideshead Revisited" what a fantastic book, I've loved every second and will really miss all the characters, the book is so beautifully written you must read it!
I spent a lovely day cooking on Sunday with my very beautiful niece Daisy, she taught me a lot about being 14, I taught her how to make a veggie bake, I don't know which of us will benefit the most!


Anonymous said…
Hi Everyone!!
Just had the rest of veggie bake for my tea!! Dad is v. jealous!! Hope you're all ok.
Daisy xx
First time visitor here, hello! What a fun blog you have. I love green so I just had to comment on this particular post. Just lovely...

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