This is "The Side Window"

Jo and her diligent team of Flower Design Window Dressers have come up with a kind of Seceret Garden themed Valentine Window, a little more subtle than the other two.

I loved the use of Moss particularly on the hearts and the bust.

We really wanted to design a window in stark contrast to the big bold colours of the other two windows, somthing a little more ethereal and gentle.

Just before Christmas I came out of the shop walked round the corner and fell in step just behind a mother and daughter who live in the flat opposite our side window, they didn't know I was there and the little girl gazed at our then Christmas Window and said to her mum "We are so lucky to live next door to the flower shop and see their beautiful displays!"
So it made me think we have responsibility to our community to create fabulous window displays, I really hope the little girl next door likes it.

Not too much love, but hopefully just enough.


Anonymous said…
Love this "Secret Garden" Look Jane, I would really like this kind of thing for my Marquee wedding in May, please will you put this kind of thing on my moodboard. Thanks Emma
Sure thing Emma, it was already done! I hope you love it, your moodboard is starting to look absolutely gorgeous should be completed and with you by the end of the month. Love Jane

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