St Annes Beach January

This a peaceful posting, if you need more flowers, more weddings and more excitement just scroll on down to more of my usual postings.
Sometimes when you live by the sea you forget to visit it, when my friends and relations come to stay they always want to "See the Sea" before they go home. On Friday I left work a little earlier, but was too early for an appointment I had, so I thought I'd just go and see the sea, it was so beautiful and peaceful, the air was fresh and clean and I thought I must do this more often. Honestly there was not a soul in sight, just me and the sea. It was perfect thinking time, time to ponder, time to reflect and time to come up with new ideas, new designs and some new colaborations.

This is the band stand by the paddling pool, St Annes is very beautiful.
It was a bit to chilly for sitting, but I took this photograph to remind me of a place to go and sit and think when I need to and everyone needs to sometimes.
This is a place to be inspired, to get creative, to come up with great plans, Sally get your pencil sharpened I'm coming back seriously enthused, it's amazing what an hour on St Annes beach can do for a girl...


Coffee Messiah said…
Wow, that looks like a great place to be peaceful and even get some good reading done without distractions ; )

Thanks 4 taking the time to comment!

Alita said…
I looove the sea! That place in your pictures looks so beautiful. My favorite beach...Tulum. :)
Have a nice day

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