Some Flowers & People & Memories To Make Me Smile

Here are some fabulous flowers that make me smile, we need them in our homes (Not least to replace the Christmas Tree), we need to appreciate beauty, a single Arum, or imagine a clear simple vase of Narcissus or a tall striving for flight Bird of Paradise, we need to remind ourselves we’re alive and life is for living so come on lets get on with it…
Sweet scented Stocks. Stocks always make me think of Vicky (We've worked together for nearly 20 years) and she absolutely loves them.

Rebecca, Emma and great Coffee, we share our coffee addiction equally between, Costa (Best Ginger Bread Latte), Nero (Best Cappuccino), Coffee Cow (Best Espresso) & Vida's (Best Macchiato) you have to share the love!
We’ve loved having Rebecca back, she makes us laugh, she demands attention, she makes us do stuff (Visit people and be sociable), she makes Olivia happy, she entertains us with debate and discussion, she cooks our dinner occasionally, she messes up, she uses more shampoo in one week than the three of us use in a month (Jason doesn’t have much hair admittedly!), she’s worked hard in the shops and we are really, really going to miss her!
Jason said last night over a dinner that Rebecca had cooked, King Prawn Linguine, that the thought of Rebecca going back to London on Sunday is far worse than the reality of her actually being there or he at least hopes that this is the case.
Rebecca conversely can’t wait to get back, she loves LAMDA, she loves London, she loves her new "friends" and we love her, so we have to pack her up and send her back with happy hearts because she’s doing exactly what she wants and loves.
After all, this is what we’ve been working so hard for, to provide for our girls, to make available opportunities for them, the bit we have no control of is how they make the most of these opportunities, will they squeeze the juice out of life?
Olivia is thoroughly enjoying her art spending every waking hour working on her masterpiece, our house looks like an artist’s studio (My very expensive sink sports a paint splash effect, my best tumblers hold an array of paint brushes). Olivia is a beautiful person in every respect (We aren’t biased in any way!) she has a great bunch of friends and a lovely well brought up boy friend who talks to us and is a pleasure to have around, Henry we like you!.

We are worried about our industry flower shops are closing down daily, we are worried about recession, about parking in St Annes, about the Pound and the Euro, about creditors & debtors, about having enough customers or our customers having enough to buy flowers, these worries are things we can do little to influence but we are doing our level best to make a difference and having a loving hard working family behind you is exactly what you need to give you the energy and overwhelming desire to keep the passion, zeal and gusto for every area of life and business going.
A great family ensures that there is always something to smile about and always something to work for.
Above is a lovely Cameo Calla or Zantedeschia to give it a posh name and this flower desrves a posh name don't you think?
Euphorbia Fulgens, these delicate flowers are related to the Poinsettia, I love the way they dance when you drop them into a vase.

Wax Flower, A spring blossom type of flower with woody stems, when you cut or break the stems it releases a fabulous citrus fragrance, really fresh and zesty.

Paper Whites, one of my favourites, when I was a child my parents used to go to the Growers Market on Old Smithfield Market in Manchester to buy Narcissus, in those days all of the bulb flowers were sold open and in full bloom consequently when the old Sherpa van was loaded up and totally bursting the smell was intense and powerful, now so many years later I get a whaft of Paper Whites and I'm transported back to that time, me snuggled up in my fathers big sheepskin flying jacket in the middle seat watching the comings and goings of the market whilst my Mum & Dad haggled and bartered over the price!
And Brassica or Cabbage Flowers, if you don't change the water the smell is reminiscent of School Dinners always a memory to make me smile!


Anonymous said…
Jane your blog makes me smile! Love M.
Judite Pitta said…
Thanks for your visit to my blog. And thanks for your comment! I like very much of painting flowers...
Anonymous said…
I am loving the memory you have of snuggling in your dad's jacket. also great picture of emma and rebecca it's not the "spice girls" it's the "coffee girls"! love S.
Anonymous said…
Hi Jane and Sally

Just wanted to say what a spectacular night I had on Burns Night on Thursday (especially when I won the roses box!). It made me think how wonderful my wedding will be in Scotland in November with the Piper etc. I look forward to seeing the fabulous arrangments you will be creating for me. Your passion for flowers really shone though. Amazing night.

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