Nettie's Super Sexy Wedding Bouquet

Yesterday I made this fab full on colour bouquet for a superbly colourful couple Nettie & Phil

Nettie is dramatic, enthusiastic, vivacious and dynamic, this bouquet is absolutely perfect for her. I really wanted big bold powerful colours, with lots of depth and interest, I chose Gerbera because there is a child like quality to Nettie that a Gerbera suits, I chose Amaryllis because our gorgeous bride is tall and voluptuous, the Schwartzwalder Calla lilies are pefect with Netties ebony hair & eyes, I picked out huge blousy Naranga & Grand Prix Roses for their multi layered, curling swirling petals, Tulips & Blossom branches for youth and the new growth of spring.

I added some jewels with golden embellishments, for a bit of the Varanasi vibe we'd discussed.

The handle was bound with a single Aspidestra leaf, neatly pinned with seed pearls.

We also designed Phil's Boutonierre, Schwartzwalder Calla Lily, Grevillea "Spiderman" (Cos that's Phil in a flower) , Rolled Rose Petal and naked Germini centres.

See pictures from Nettie & Phil's wedding Day here's the link 4th April 2009


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