Flower Design Contemporary Bridal Bouquet

This modern bridal bouquet was made yesterday for Rachael, this is her trial bouquet, I made it for her to try for size, shape and colour. Rachael's wedding is at the end of April, this will be the perfect shape and design for her Jenny Packham gown the dress is called Eloise and is from the 2008 collection.

I used some lovely white Muscari, Arabicum Chincherinchee, Viburnum Opulus, Hot Chocolate Calla Lilies and Cymbidium Orchids.

Hot Chocolate Calla Lilies were used and their lovely coloured stems looped over to create a protective frame.

Some of the white roses were studded with diamante pins, to pick uo the diamante detail on the bridal gown.

I met some gorgeous new brides for weddings later this year yesterday, first appointment was...

9:30 a fab couple hoping to get married at the top of Blackpool Tower and then a reception at Number One South Beach, these two have got the most amazing Blackpool wedding planned and I can't wait to create something utterly gorgeous for them.

11:00 Bride with her very stylish mum, the plans include a castle in Nantwich, a Candle lit ceremony and reception, with fabulous autumnal vintage shades, this one is going to be so magical and these two ladies are really creative with loads of fabulous ideas.

12:00 A fabulous bride with a completely open mind, the reception is at The Grand (How lucky are they?) and our gorgeous Scottish bride has superb taste, she completely fell in love with the Lovely Jane's (From Pure Beauty) wedding so I know we're going to have lots of fun!

14:00 The lovely Rachael for her second appointment to see her trial wedding bouquet, this was a great success.

15:00 Complete Colin's Birthday party table designs.

18:30 off to my brothers for a gastrnomic feast, Paul is the most sensational cook I'm going to enter him for Master Chef!


Adam Hill said…
HI Jane
As usual gorgeous colours, tones and textures in this bouquet, have you made it as a tied bouquet ? ........very beautiful indeed, the flowers are nice too !!

Hope Jason is OK

Hi Adam

Yes it's a hand tie, all of the trial bouquets are hand tied so it's easier for me to make changes to them or play around with them and alter the shape and so on.
Jason's doing OK
Love Jane x

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