Burns Night, Flower Design Supper Club at the very wonderful Number One South Beach

Mark (Number One) & Sally (Flower Design) had done all the organising and planning for this wonderful event and Jason and I are really grateful to them both, it was a seriously successful evening. We raised some money for charities that are very close to our hearts and Jason's mum will decide on the distribution, so many thanks for your generosity and kindness it really is very much appreciated.
Sally concentrating and focusing, this is what she does best.

jr taylor, very generously gave our lovely ladies a gift card as table favours.

The Number One canapes were beautiful as always, Mark is so creative and our ladies are already getting excited about the next Supper Club's canapes! No pressure there then Mark!

Even the veggie canapes were truly beautiful

The very lovely Graham did a wonderful job of looking after our ladies wine orders.

amazed by the array of veggie canapes for her enjoyment

Jos Eglin delivers the Selkirk Grace

Stephanie ( This is a link to their blog which is really good, give it a read Ashton Photography) and Julie ( another great blog linkABC Video) giving their full attention to the demonstration

Emma and her mum enjoying the performance
I must have been quite amusing...
Elaine giving me her full attention

Mark organising the piper and the Haggis

I must remember not to wear patterns again, the demonstration went well.

Janet, Claire, Fran and all the team at Numer One were great, we were looked after perfectly!

The Piper was fantastic.
The food was sumptuous, we had champagne and the canapes, then Finnan Haddock Kedgiree/risotto of Mark's invention, then Cock a Leekie soup, the Haggis, Neeps & Tatties in a lovely light tart with a wee dram, Scotch Beef or Salmon with all the trimmings and to finish Cranachan or Tipsy laird, it was served and presented beautifully and I demonstrated flower arrangements in between each course which paced the evening nicely.
Everyone had a fabulous evening

Mark holding court!

The flowers were just lovely, the Anemones in this one were exquisite. This event is part of our Number One Ladies Flower Design Supper Club, the next ones will be held on the 11th & 12th of March, the theme for the evening will be "You're invited to a wedding" there will be no need to bring gifts but hats (Only if they suit you) are essential! if you would like to pre-book a place please e-mail our Sally on Sally@flowerdesign.co.uk the ticket price is £30.00 per person inclusive of welcome Champagne, Food, Flower demonstration and fabulous company.


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