"Bubble Gum" Bridal Bouquet

This bouquet is a trial bouquet created and designed for Nicola's wedding in April, by then we will be introducing some Sweet Peas to complete the design.
For now though this bouquet is created from a selection of seasonal flowers including Aqua Roses, Ageratum, Phlox, Lissianthus, Tulips, Freesia and Germinis.


Anonymous said…
This is so cute, I am thinking more sugared Almonds than bubble gum, the sweet peas will smell divine! I can't wait until I'm getting married luv and hugs J x
Anonymous said…
I know I should love every brides bouquet and I do truly but I really really love this one! I also called it sugared almonds so we are definitely on the same wave length J. Very much looking forward to the afternoon tea xx

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