Bar Mitzvah Celebrations at The Grand Hotel

Blackpool Reform Jewish Congregation Synagogue, This was the venue for this winter time Bar Mitzvah. We dressed the ceremony space with Pedestals of fabulous White Phalaenopsis Orchids.

The Bar Mitzvah was celebrated in fabulous style at The Grand Hotel in St Annes, the theme for this event was Black & White, Diamonds & Classical Composers. The colour scheme was perfect for fabulous trails of white Phalaenopsis Orchids, White Amaryllis and Black Ostrich Feathers.

The Lighting and entertainmenet were provided by the very wonderful Stardream Tel: 01253-302602

The Tables were named after classical composers
The bars at The Grand and the reception rooms at The Synagogue were dressed with potted Phalaenopsis that could be kept as lasting reminders of the event.
The large top table seated 20 or so guests and was decorated with a series of varying sized goldfish bowl designs and glass diamonds.

The guest tables had black table cloths and the top table had a white cloth, the chairs were in white with black sahes, this colour scheme looked both masculine and classic and suite The Grand's decor perfectly.
This was a family celebration for a family with fabulous taste it really was a pleasure to work for them.


Anonymous said…
Hi Jane
Happy New Year, I am hoping to have my wedding at The Grand next year and was wondering if these flowers, which I love would be appropriate for a wedding or are they to masculine? Kind Regards Emma T
This colour scheme works perfectly with The Grand and would be beautiful for a wedding, August is a poor month for Phalaenopsis Orchids but pretty much any other month is fine. I'm looking forward to meeting up with you to discuss it in more detail. Jane

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