Pre-Christmas Wine Tasting at Flower Design

This is not just any Flower Shop this a flower shop with a Licence to sell Wine. (A bit of an M&S meets James Bond kinda quote there).

We had a wonderful evening at our 2nd annual pre-Christmas Wine Tasting. Jason chose six different wines to compliment your Christmas dinner.
We started with Deutz Brut Classic Champagne, we all agreed that it's an elegant Champers with a refined mousse and a lemony nose, I really love this one I think it appeals to my feminine palate another thing in it's favour is that the bubbles sparkle on the end of my nose for ages, some glasses of fizz don't really fizz for long enough, they sort of fizzle out.

Anyway the Deutz classic can be ordered from us for £28.99 per bottle or £27.50 per bottle for a case of six, delivered free of charge before Christmas, anywhere on The Fylde.

Any of the wines mentioned can be ordered for Christmas gifts with or without flowers gift wrapped and gift carded, and if you order six to go to different addresses (On THe Fylde) you still get the benefit of the case price. A Bargain me thinks!

We then moved on to the Delas Viognier from Southern France, Bursting with Viognier character: apricots, peaches and preserved citrus fruit. The palate is both smooth and fresh, with hints of spice. This one is priced at £11.50 or the case price is £62.00 again delivered FOC. I thought this one was perfectly matched to my citrus lime orchids and spicy ginger vase design, lucky for Jill Fernandez who won this fab creation in the raffle.

The amazing Canapes were provided by Jack's Outside, Keith and Jason had discussed Compatibility of wines and food, Keith also offered our customers the opportunity of ordering these delicious mouthfuls for at home entertaining. So first one up was the delicious Salmon and Spinach rolls which were first class.

Our fabulous "Girl Fridays" this Thursday evening were the Absolutely Fabulous Sally and of course our tame florist Rosie Disposition, their assistance was sublime, Sally again is responsible for the magnificent photography. (I did the washing up and a bit of flower arranging, apparantly I couldn't be trusted with handing out Red Wine & elegant canapes)

I love a man than can handle a cork screw and I am quite partial to this particular man!
We then tried a Chateau Ste Michelle Chardonnay from USA, this one looked quite green in the glass and was reminiscent of biting into a Granny Smiths apple. £11.50 each or for a case £62.00.

We moved on to the Reds and Keith had created a superb Chicken disc on a Chilli mayonnaise Chinese Spoon to match the Bodegas Norton barrel select Malbec from Argentina, this one was spicy and rich the flavour lasted for ages. £10.99 or £60.00 for six.
Below Jill & Fernando Fernandez & Helen Thompson.
The final red was superb in my humble florists opinion, long legs (I learned this phrase last night and it sounds quite educated) it was a Tormoresca Neprica from Puglia in Italy it was jammy, dark curranty I would serve it with Delia's Puttanesca Spaghetti! £11.50 or £62.00 for the case.

The Pudding wine was lovely and fruity light and delicious an ideal accompaniment to Keith's tiny tarts of Brandy sauce topped with a mini Christmas Pudding, these were a massive hit with everyone and were snaffled immediately. The wine was a Gran Feudo Moscatel from Spain £11.50 or £62.00 for a case. Above going for seconds or thirds of the Chicken Canape is Martin Sally's better half. Sally serving Canapes to the lovely Hilary Wilkinson (No Relation to our Sal but Mum to the now famous Rachael from "Be My Guest" your very own party Angel)

In the naughty corner we had Jo Pearson, Janet Heald and Martyn Pearson.

Jason discussing the virtues of the wine with Helen & Sandi

This was our Happy Couple for the evening not only are Mary & Stephen getting married (to each other) in June but they won a magnum of fab red wine and they scored 10 out of 10 in the Mr & Mrs wine contest both of them loving identical wines and writing down the exact same comments on the sheet, this bodes well for the future Guys! & Mary remember a man that knows his wine and loves flowers is definitely one worth marrying!

Matthew & Zoe Warhurst from Apple Bikes, un-doubtedly the right place to buy your Christmas bycicle from, what they don't know about bikes isn't worth knowing!

My very last party piece was this evergreen and berry confection, not a great picture of the design but I loved Sally's perspective with the slightly out of focus folk in the background, everyone looked like this to me by the end of the night! We called everyone taxis and bid them farewell, until next time my friends...
For the ultimate Christmas gift to yourself or to someone special why not have a bottle of each gift boxed, complete with tasting notes & delivered for £77.50 add to that a fabulous "Jane Special" Flower Design (from £50.00) and you have the perfect his and hers pressie!
If you would like to place an order or add to your exisisting order please e-mail Jason before next Tuesday for delivery in time for Christmas:-


Anonymous said…
Another great night out with the great people of Flower Design, and yes Jane you are right we do need to buy from our local shops and for my part I promise I will! Love J.

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