Lytham Ladies Tangent, Christmas Demonstration

Welcome to the Christmas demonstration evening at The Glendower Hotel with Lytham Ladies Tangent Group. My absolutely gorgeous daughter Rebecca is back from her Drama studies at LAMDA in London for the holidays, it was her first evening back so I roped her in to assist and take photographs.

This is the extremely ebullient Karen Oldroyd who introduced us and generally looked after us (And we do need looking after!)

"The King Protea & I"
We had an extremely attentive audience, but you may presume this avid attention is being given to my flower arranging skills when in fact these lovely ladies were being introduced to the concept of "Animal Personification" and Rebecca's "Giant Turtle impressions", you see a Flower Design demonstration has so many more dimensions than simply glorious flowers.

The sexy stem of Cymbidium Orchids that caused gasps of pain from my ladies as I cut into smaller pieces.

I had used a candelabra that takes seven chunky chapel candles to create my masterpiece.

The ladies seemed to approve of my choice of design.

Second take just for the camera!

We illuminated the candles for a final flourish of dramatic spectacle and proceeded to the raffle.

Rebecca selected the very lucky winner of the candelara which was none other than one of our very own Flower Design Supper Club members Anne Singleton, so well done you.


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