Hoghton Tower Winter Wedding

We arrived at Hoghton Tower by cover of darkness, at 6:30am
The guests arrived a few hours later after fires had been lit and flowers adorned.

The bridal bouquet has a strength and masculinity befitting of Hoghton Tower, I used Black Baccara Roses bundled tightly and then framed by fresh Mirtle & Skimmia berries and a plume of Wild Trailing Ivy, to add drama and magic I masked part of the bouquet with golden bullion crimped and knotted over the delicate roses, the masking theme originating with the bridal bouquet and continuing more obviously in other designs.

We had sourced beautifully hand made masquerade ball masks from The Christmas Market in Amsterdam, I dressed them with Black Baccara Roses and Mistletoe.

Aggie McGuinness photographing the Groom's party in the courtyard. Aggie is a fabulous photographer and we really enjoy working with her.

The Groom's buttonhole incorporated Fresh Mistletoe berries, Pinus Strobus and a Swarovski Masquerade Mask pin.

Close up of Pussy Willow and lantern Ghost tree.

Pussy Willow Ghost tree with lanterns.

The entrance hall festooned with foliage swags and fresh flower arrangements.

Musicians in the bar at Hoghton Tower, the fireplace dressed sympathetically and in keeping with the Tower.

Flower Design Bridal bouquet and flower girl with her elaborate masquerade mask.

Here come the girls, we created a stage for photographs given that the weather was likely to be non-conducive to out door photography it seemed sensible to decorate this area so that Aggie could work her magic.
The Bride with her father, rose petals had been sprinkled on the floor by a delightful flower girl.

Minstrels gallery dressed with Smilax trails, red gerberas and golden fairy lights.

The Civil Ceremony at Hoghton Tower, the minstrels gallery really sets the scene.

The Floor Design incorporates Amaryllis, Red Nerines and Black Baccara Roses.

We dressed the Christmas tree and brought the rocking horse to give a family Christmas atmosphere to the parlour.

This arrangement has some Black Prince tulips, Black Baccara Roses, fresh Skimmia and Holly surrounding a small Hurricane lamp.

The Fireplace dressed with lots of wild ivy and smilax and candles

A Huge bundle of fresh Mistletoe hung over the bar.

An urn of Christmas foliages, apples and fir cones centered around some chapel candles.

We put a welcome ring on the inside of the huge door in the banqueting Hall, these wreaths are designed to welcome guests and good spirits and ward off or shield us from bad spirits.

This is the view from the Minstrels Gallery, from this angle you can see how immaculately the tables have been set by Heathcotes caterers.
The Top Table where the loin of beef was knighted to become "Sir Loin"
The focal area of this arrangement is dominated by two chunky chapel candles, I used Paphiopedilum Orchids, Merlot Gerberas, Ruby Red Roses, Red Nerines and copious amounts of seasonal foliages, we picked out some golden masks in continuation of the theme.

This photograph of the Bride & Groom was taken by Aggie McGuinness

The table designs were created on stands holding a glass Bell Jar, we made a fruit jelly including Cranberries, Apples and Clove studded tangerines, the jelly filled the bell and the fresh flowers, candles and Ostrich Feathers sat on the top.
The Banqueting Hall at Hoghton Tower, tables were dressed with red velvet cloths that co-ordinated with the red velvet chairs at Hoghton Tower.

Place Settings created by Flower Design

The Masquerade ball theme carried through to the evening

We dressed in-expensive masquerade ball masks as table favours and place settings, they were a great hit with the guests


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