Festive Flowers to wish you all a Very Happy Christmas

Christmas Roses
Zoe in the Middle where all of our event work is created and where Santa's little flower elves create floral masterpieces.

Red Nerines, these delicate little blooms are simply exquisite, each bloom lasts for a few days and then another one opens to take it's place.

Wow Roses and they certainly are WOW!

Creamy Vendella Roses and soft pale green Viburnum Opulus.

Ilex Verticularta the epitomy of Christmas drama.

Choco Anthuriums, chocolate coloured, glossy and tropical.
Paphiopedilum or Ladies Slipper Orchids, a very magical flower.
The Grand Prix Rose, unctious, blousy and bosomy!
"Lil'l Jane sweeping up, someones got to do it and during a peak flower time someone's doing it all the time.
Delicate Viburnum opulus or "Snow Balls" as it is often called.

Emma who managed the FD shop in St. Annes beautifully all through the Christmas Festivities

Maxime Verde Anthurium

Black Baccara Roses, rich and velevty.

Hellebores, Christmas in a flower.

Christmas Evergreens

Arum Columbe De Pays, the most elegant of silhouettes

Ilex Verticularta or "Naked Holly"
Pale pink Anthurium

Red Iris Heliconia

Bird of Paradise or Strelitzia
Emma hiding her "Rudolph" nose!

Burgundy Amaryllis

Vicky in The Middle

The Stig Florist "Rosie Disposition" in the Middle


Adam Hill said…
Hi Jane, here's wishing you and Jason all the best and continued success for 2009


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