Christmas Wedding at Don Luigi's in Formby

This was a very stylish wedding, our gorgeous bride had her own full on trend look and a clear vision for her wedding day. The Bridal Bouquet: I designed this bouquet to compliment Sarah's dynamic gown , I used Grand Prix Roses, Schwartzwalder Calla Lilies, Black Steel berries, Fresh Rosemary for Remembrance & Black Ostrich Feathers, I bejewelled the bouquet with black bugle beads I'd threaded on to fine wire and diamante studs.

Jan & his Groom's Men wore deep red Grand Prix Roses, Jan's was finished with some Black Bugle Beads & a Schwartzwalder Calla Lily.
Sarah's Mum wore a wrist corsage of Aubergine Paphiopedilum orchids to co-ordinate with her lovely winter Bride's Mum outfit
St. Peter's Church in Formby is really beautiful, lots of warm woood a very cosy church. the Bride & Groom organised a Marquee canopy that covered the entire path from the gate to the church door, we lined it with illuminated lanterns. The weather was quite grim lots of rain and hale but you really didn't notice whilst under the canopy.

I used large Black Candelabras in church with a gorgeous collection of seasonal flowers including White Euphorbia Fulgens, Chocco Anthuriums, Gerbera, Ilex Verticularta and Grand Prix Roses.

The pews were dressed with tiny nosegays of Roses, Anthuriums, Skimmia and Gerberas.

The Bouquet was a perfect accessory for this modern bride.
The venue for the wedding breakfast was Don Luigi's in Formby, this is the second wedding we've done here and we just love it, the people are really great extremely helpful and they always feed us! and I can report the food is fantastic mmuch, much more than your average Italian it's well worth a visit.
The Italian Restaurant was transformed into a night club, the walls were draped with white star cloth, there were huge mirror balls and a light up dance floor.
The cake was an amazing creation six tiers of chocolate and glamour.
All of the tables were different shapes and sizes and so were the floral displays, I made large Martini Glasses, Mirror Bowls, Black Cubes and Goldfish bowls.
I sat the designs on mirrors and used mirror balls in some of them, we illuminated the tables with candles and tea lights, besides the stra cloth there was no other lights on which really added to the atmosphere.

The Flower design team on the day comprised of Ben, Gary, rachel and me. (Gary took the photo)


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