Can FD Win The annual Christmas Window Dressing Competition Here in St.Annes.

The annual Christmas Window dressing competion here in St. Annes is a much sought after trophy, we are up against stiff competition, we have tried hard, we've chosen our themes carefully, we've planned the displays, we are infact selling the contents daily, but the question is will we win are in with a chance, watch this space to discover the Victors, please let us know what you think.

A Winter Forest, Right hand window.Steiff Fox & Badger

The Three Kings left hand window Sugar Plum Fairy Window Side window

Kissing Balls

Slices of dried tangerine, Red Hot Chillis and de-hydrated apples.

Indoor welcome rings of dried hydrangeas.

The question is have we any hope of winning the prestiguos St. Annes annual Window Dressing Competition? Let us know your thoughts....

Blooms Won and very many congratulations to them.


Anonymous said…
Love 'em all Janey, your staff are excellent and these windows are definitely winners in my book! J x
Anonymous said…
You guys should win but it could be another Charity Shop, I love the way St. Annes promotes itself, I couldn't believe it when one of the really great shop window displays didn't win last year, I hope they have someone who knows what they are doing to judge it!
Hannah E said…
I absolutely LOVE the Purple Window as I call stopped me in my tracks as I came into the shop last week. Just so beautiful and creative.....I really really hope that you win Jane!!! (I am also so excited about my weddin flowers!) Hannah E xx
We did not win we were second, we have no idea who the winners are but I am sure they're worthy winners, I will inform you as and when we know.

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