Wedding Venues on the Fylde, Profile 1. The Imperial

, The Imperial on North Promenade Blackpool has the wow! factor, it has amazing rooms decorated majestically, we love the ceiling in the Washington Suite and always try to recommend tall table designs to draw the guests eyes up to the ornate barrel ceiling.
In our experience the staff headed up by general manager Alison Gilmore have always been attentive, well dressed and extremely well informed (where things are, lighting etc. etc.). The tables are always set perfectly with great attention to detail, we see a variety of napkin folding and always immaculate table ware and glass ware. Our flowers look so much better on a clean table.

The top tables are dressed in line with the event, above is a top table for a wedding with ambient lighting, lots of candles and romantic rose petals. The top table below is for a Masonic Ladies evening on Saturday and has a far more dramatic look.

Table set for Masonic function on Saturday, the menu's were printed beautifully, the goldfish bowl arrangements were table gifts to be taken home at the end of the evening.

The raffle table, was dressed and positioned at the entrance to the room, we donated a vase arrangement, hopefully they raised lots of money for charity.

The Louis room is simply gorgeous, with fabulous decor and huge picture windows with sea views, one of the most romantic rooms on The Fylde.

This wedding was back in September this year, the bride on this occasion liked pure white roses and surprisingly for September white Tulips, the top table had a fabulous traditional arrangement centred around a cluster of candles, the other tables had lovely candelabras with the pew ends from church arranged around their base.

This was a January wedding last year, the hot pink colour scheme was just what was needed on a cold January day. The welcome from the staff at the Imperial was just as warm, this was a big wedding and we had lots of flowers to bring in from the Church and The Imperial's staff couldn't have been more helpful.

There is so much space in The Washington and I love walking down the corridor it reminds me of The Ritz. The ladies and Gents rest rooms are immaculately clean and well appointed, always an important consideration.

Just how amazing is this room?

This is a summer wedding from earlier this year, it shows how well different colour schemes juxtopose in this venue, you really can put anything in this room and it will co-ordinate perfectly.

This was a really huge double sized top table and the flowers needed to be in proportion, the swagging and chair covers really looked spectacular and finished the room off.

We did a combination of tall vases and low Goldfishbowls, which added texture and movement to the view of the whole room.

So to conclude, our over view of The Imperial is superb, we love the majesty, the Romance, the fact they have loads of bedrooms for your guests, fabulous leisure facilities, the excellent service, the parking (we can always get close with the van) and they always look after our loaned vases, votives, stands and candelabras, a brilliant venue and one to seriously consider for 2010 weddings, they will possibly still have odd dates available for 2009 too.
We will be profiling every single one of the venues we visited and arranged flowers in during 2008, so keep reading, no doubt your favourites will also be ours too! We would love to hear your comments and experiences too so please feel free to post a comment or send me an e-mail to


Anonymous said…
I am really surprised at how beautiful the Imperial is inside, it is quite beautiful outside but I expected it to look more like a cafeteria like a lot of the big Blackpool hotels, we will be looking in the New Year for a reception venue for 2010 we will definitely be looking at The Imperial now, thanks for letting us know! Marie
Anonymous said…
What a great idea, You have really made me think about The Imperial, we were looking at Manchester for a big charity event I'm organising for next year, I know you can't comment about the food as you probably didn't have any, but I would be really interested know what it's like now! Please make sure the next profile you do is for a large venue Mu x
Anonymous said…
I've not been to the Imperial for years it looks great on thiese pictures
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