The Number One Flower Design Supper Club 19th November

Gorgeous Girls Nicola Thompson & Ella Warhurst Mary McPhie & Linda Gewith

Ella & The Lovely Jane from Pure Beauty generously provided the beautiful take home gifts for our ladies, Jane is a totally brilliant beauty therapist and everyone should have the pleasure of her services, call her now to purchase the perfect Christmas pressy.

TV Super Star Claire Smith

Karen Shaw, Maureen Barry & Jane Molyneux

The gorgeous Ella Warhurst and the Lovely Jane from Pure Beauty

Dorothy Thistlethwaite & Jenny Turner

Michelle & Sarah Doherty

Becky Crompton, Ann Thompson, Patricia Crompton and the divine Miss Nicola Thompson

Jo Bourhill, Rose Andrews & Mary Whittle

Mark' Canapes
Sal & Moi

Regina Coulon, Stewy Vuitton & Scythian Draper
Janet Fenton, Sue Foster, Janice Flynn and Karen Dawson
Marcella Dempsey, Audrey Withers and Sonia Hill

Scythina Draper
The very famous and extremely talented "Stewy Vuitton" Hairdresser to the stars


Anonymous said…
Congratulations Jane and Mark this was an excellent event. Jane's demonstrations were very entertaining and the food was fabulous. The Grand Reveal at the end was a complete surprise and inspirational - probably beyond me though any chance of a quick table dressing on Christmas Eve Jane?!! Lots of love x
I will be happy to dress anyones table on Christmas Eve, though it is never quick, it is always truly gorgeous. Love Jane x
Anonymous said…
What a joy! Wasn't sure what to expect but you certainly created a fabulous event - exceptional food and great entertainment along with divine flower arrangement demos. Thank you Jane and Chef Mark as I know you put a lot of time and effort into creating the perfect evening. Well done!
Anonymous said…
That looks like such a wonderful evening, i wish i was there. its so lovely to see Jo, Karen, Mary, Ella, Jane, Janet, Stewart and of course Scythian. I can't believe i missed out!!! Hopefully you'll do another one, when i'm home! Love you lots Rebecca xxx

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