Madeleine Mayhem

After a lengthy interview at South Shore Police Station sorting out the Kathleen’s break in we were late, Jason who is a stickler for time keeping had set a 4:00pm departure time, we were still in South Shore at 4:00, the Madeleine’s (For Monday breakfast) hadn’t been baked, the bag hadn’t been packed, the flowers for Monday hadn’t been sorted. Within 45 minutes it was all done the Madeleine’s still hot from the oven were placed on the back seat in an open Tupperware whilst they cooled, we raced from coast to coast hearts pounding being tantalized and terrorized by the fragrance of freshly baked cakes (I have now added honey to my mix it smells divine), we weakened and had one each as we approached preston New Rd, we had another one each at Broughton and then again at the Tickled Trout, this left six for breakfast, we made a pact and agreed no more, we were both sorely tempted many times but a pact is a pact.
The ferry check in closes at 7:30, we arrived after but were allowed to embark thank goodness. It had been raining hard in Hull the car deck looked like an ice rink it was so wet, Jason was telling me to be careful as I opened the back door, the Madeleine’s slithered out of the door in slow motion, I was helpless to prevent disaster, there they were like six little honey scented islands in a lake of Hull rain water! We didn’t speak; we were in pain, infact we didn’t speak until we got to the cupboard/cabin, we neither of us spoke of the Madeleine tragedy we were however united in silent grief!
We have now resolved always to give into temptation.


Anonymous said…
I love reading this stuff you write Jane, I can almost taste your Madeleines and feel your devastation, this is a great bit of light relief over lunch. love Jan

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