Quantum of Solace

Last night Jason and I were lucky enough to be invited to a James Bond Premiere, we were invited by our lovely friend Peter Jackson, he does awfully well selling James’ favoured watch Omega, I am a James Bond fan, not a know all the names of the baddies or Bond girls kinda fan just one of those that’s seen all the films. Peter is so generous and we along with a few hundred other guests enjoyed Champagne, fantastic bright red Omega Good bags, I hunted for the keys to the Aston Martin in the depths of it but no luck, however I am now the proud owner of a Quantum of Solace Omega Pen, a bag of Chocolate gold (the best bit) and some extremely good reading material (beautiful brochures of Omega & Peter Jackson Jewellery, I’ve left it out and open at an appropriate page for Jason).
Mr Jackson (Peter’s Dad, I just can’t call him Lawrence, he commands massive respect and I quite simply couldn’t) made me a fabulous offer, “How about opening a shop in Antibes” he said and then went on, “I’ll finance it and you run it” I know he was joking but, have you ever had one of those dreams that is just so good and when you wake up it’s deeply disappointing to realise it wasn’t real, well I had just such a dream, I was arranging flowers on Daniel Craig’s yacht somewhere near Antibes, he came in threw his car keys over to me and said “take it it’s yours, the way you arrange flowers is un-surpassed”
Back to Bond, Quantum of Solace for me was simply brilliant, there was a point to it all, he was driven, passionate and wanted revenge, this I understand. Jason didn’t like it as much as Casino Royale but we both agreed that the Opera part was gorgeous and that Daniel Craig is abso- cotton picking lootly James Bond.
Thank you Peter for inviting us. We all need to dream...


Anonymous said…
I loved Quantum of Solace too, may be it's a woman thing! revenge and all that, women are terribly good at revenge! love your blog Jane, it does amuse me very much, you should write for The Telegraph! EB

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