Wedding Flower Planning for 2009 & 2010

Saturday, autumn/winter is upon us, what to wear? The decision is based largely around what has been ironed and what still fits, chestnut tweed skirt, cream polo neck, scarf Rebecca bought me last week from Camden (it had a strange smell so I doused it in Lime Basil & Mandarin).

I have about four Saturdays a year when I don’t have weddings, so we fill them with appointments to see new brides who can’t come in during the week, I really enjoy these meetings and it’s great to hear ideas, plans, hopes and dreams, meet new people and generally get very excited. Wedding flowers are very, very exciting and I love it when we get grooms in as well to share in the excitement.
So we set the scene, arranged lovely flowers, lit candles, put the heater on and made it all nice and cosy in the Flower Design Wedding Flowers Studio, I hope you all enjoyed…

This week I met some really wonderful people the beautifully outrageous Annetta and her bridesmaid Abby whose going for a largely green (environmentally friendly not colour green) wedding at Greystoke Castle & The Rheged Centre in Penrith, then there was Sarah and her mum now these two have very elegant taste, Lytham Hall a classic regency house was there choice for reception venue and Copp Church, this is a lovely Church just near Great Eccleston (The services I’ve sat in on there are really good), then another Sarah and her lovely mum came in to talk about a 2010 wedding at The Great Hall at Mains, this one promises to be a full on fairytale affair, lots of sparkle and candlelight, Romance and Roses.
My final appointment of the day was with a really great couple Bev & Howard, this wedding is at a castle in Scotland Comlongan Castle these two had some fabulous ideas and some of the best wedding guests, we’re really looking forward to seeing Mark & Isobel there (Mark was joint winner of our slightly secret groom of the year competition) hopefully Howard will make the grade for next years prestigious title!
All of these appointments were arranged ages ago and then last week we had a last minute booking for a wonderful wedding at Lytham Hall, so our newly married Jo took up the mantle and managed the Flower Design part of the day her lovely photos will be on tomorrows posting.


Anonymous said…
Who was the other joint winner of this much coverted prize?, I would like to think my other half was in the running! Emma J.
Anonymous said…
thank you for your comment, its nice to know your as excited as we are. fairytale is a great way to discribe what i wish for from my wedding day.thanks for the lovely chat the other day see you soon . sarah.D
Hi Emma J, nice to hear from you, it would be un-professional of me to let the cat out of the bag in regard to actual positioning on the list of Groom of the year contenders, between you and me though your man was right up there!

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