Silver Celebrations

Congratulations to Susan & Mike for their Silver Wedding Anniversary! I'm not sure when it happened that Jason & I became old enough to be invited to Silver Weddings, but this is the second one this year, Mark & Claire celebrated their's back in March. I thinks it's probably just a blip and these very good friends of ours all got married very young (They are also quite a bit older than us). This is the bouquet Jason & I brought with lovely Stirling Silver Roses, Silver Kochia and True love Callas.
It was a magical evening, Sue was soooo excited, Mike had sent her a beautiful bouquet of Orchids on Wednesday that were in Sue's original wedding bouquet, what a romantic chap, Sue is exceptionally lucky! They opened some fabulous presents and we all drank copious amounts of Champagne.
Then on to Twelve where we enjoyed Champagne Cocktails, Twelve were totally fabulous they had a slide show running on the big screen of Sue & Mikes wedding day. Lynn and I choosing from the menu (I had to borrow Sue's glasses to read it!)
At the table the food was completely superb, Sue enjoyed their world famous "Bannana Butty".

The cake was just brilliant, a gift from Lynn & Pete & Debbie & Don, it depicted Sue & Mike on a cruise, one of their favourite activities.

Then back to Sue & Mike's for gigantic Limoncellos and coffee, lots of reminscing a bit of dancing (mainly Lynn) and loads of laughter, we all crawled home in the early hours and today I'm just about recovered enough to tell you about it! Thanks for such a memorable evening we had a fantastic time.
P.S. Mike is also exceptionally lucky to be married to Sue, she is a fab girl, in fact they really are a great couple!


Anonymous said…
Wow, that sounds like the perfect evening and the cake looks absolutely fabulous. My mouth is watering just reading god knows how you managed to report it so eloquently the morning after (the night before). Congratulations Sue and Mike!
Sue said…
Thanks again Jane & Jason.Mike and I are seriously looking forward to your present - 'the double Elemis massage'.It should be very interesting!Love Sue xx

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