"Sally Don't Be A Hero"

Today’s subjects for discussion in the Flower Design camp have included “Have a Go Heroes” and we all had to agree that we would all want a hero to be around if any of our nearest and dearest’s were in trouble. We all had to accept also that probably we ourselves and our men folk couldn’t help but interfere if necessary, not because we/they are heroes but simply because instinctively it is the right thing to do. We have also touched upon eating disorders, I really must have one, Jason is doing really well on his sponsored diet for Garstang Lions, I who thankfully has not been sponsored am doing ridiculously badly, my addiction to chocolate is reaching heady levels and I am cutting my consumption in half, I have been told today that you actually suffer from withdrawal symptoms if you cut it out altogether, so perhaps it would be dangerous for me to do such a drastic thing!
Then a subject close to my heart, my fabulous melodic singing, I sing quite a lot, I know lots of words to lots of songs, it makes me happy and joyous, Sally is always quite rude about my singing (I think is she is, quite simply envious of my talent). It is a strange thing that in your head your own singing is quite amazing, I like to sing when I am creating wedding flowers in “The Middle” I thought everyone else enjoyed my singing too, it seems they aren’t keen! Emma has ‘fessed up and told me how little she is looking forward to tomorrows rendition from Mamma Mia, I bought the CD to sing a long to especially.
The singing subject was broached when we were singing Happy Birthday to Sally who is celebrating her ** th today. She has been treated to a hair do at Richards and a good bit of pampering at Pure Beauty, not only that but she’s received flowers from admirers and very best of all for everyone Emma has made one of her fantastical chocolate birthday cakes, I have now decided to waive the chocolate fast for today!
Sally is a fantastic person, we all love her dearly and we want her to have a very, very Happy Birthday! So I have promised not to sing anymore today!


happy birthday sally !
Zozo said…
I'm so jealous that I missed one of Emma's scrumptious cakes!!

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