Rudding Park House Harrogate Wedding

Table Centre candelabras
The Thoughts and Inspiration behind the designs for Heidi & Chris Hopkins…

Heidi & Chris's Wedding day was all about elegance, understated opulence and traditional British values; this is shown in their choice of magical venue Rudding Park House in Harrogate, traditional cake maker Betty's of Harrogate and the elegance of Heidi's Alan Hannah, Thai silk gown, not to mention the table names taken from the Harry Connick jnr classic "Recipe for Making Love"

There was always going to be a surrounding sense of magic and enchantment, with secret jewels tucked deep into some of the blooms, Flower fairy bridesmaids carrying magic wands their wishes picked out in tiny jewels and fragrant buds. Some flickering candles in frosted glass and golden chocolate hearts for the table favours (From Betty's).

The cream and gold colour scheme is not only graceful and classy but is also suggestive of angelic freedom, charm and magic. In order to add to this feeling we wanted to use flowers and materials with magical qualities, such as fragrant herbs, dangly amaranthus, ivy, orchids, callas and a variety of diamantes and jewels. And there was just the slightest hint of fairy dust (A bit like the finish on the invitations).

Everything though was to be truly beautiful and elegant, nothing superficial. Truly independent flowers – beautiful in their own right; the swirls and curls of the rose, the elegant arch of the calla lily and the intense details of the orchids. We wanted everything to be subtle yet all the more beautiful because of the surroundings we recommended some high designs, candelabras on some of the dining tables and silver fruit bowls filled with gorgeous blooms on others, the golden glow of candlelight added to the ambience. The chairs were copvered by Creative Cover Hire who as always did a superb job.

The ceremony itself needed to be dressed in order to add enchantment to the proceedings the two placements of flowers on either side of the bride groom for any kind of marriage ceremony historically these are to represent the couples Guardian Angels, I thought as an angel collector Heidi might enjoy this imagery.

The staircase is wonderful and perfect for indoor photography on cold wet days.
Heidi was staying in one of the lovely rooms at Rudding Park, so we delivered her bouquet along with her bridesmaids quite early, we showed everyone how to carry and make the most of their bouquets.

The library is perfect for guests to gather before and after the ceremony.

Civil Ceremony dressed with fresh flowers
The pedestals looked so at home in this room.

The photographer for the day was Aggie McGuinness, we have a copy of the album filled with the most fantastic images, my piccies look slightly hopeless by comparison, but should you wish to see the professionals version of the day call into the shop and we'll happily show it to you.

The arrival of the groom and his party, Chris wore a Picasso Calla lily (Which matched perfectly with the image on the order of service) a sprig of fresh lily of the Valley and a small Cymbidium Orchid.

Chris's Mum wore a fabulous eppaulette corsage of White mini Calla lilies and Singapore Orchids.

The Groom's father wore a single Picasso Calla lily, whilst Chris's nephews wore Vendella Roses.

The Bride her Father & the Bridesmaids make there way to the ceremony room.

The ceremony was lovely, the room is so comfortable and perfect for a Civil Ceremony.

After the ceremony there was time for some photography.

The Bridesmaids looked beautiful and were kept warm with co-ordinating wraps.

Heidi's bouquet was in a very tradtionally English design, the colours were subtle but complimented the day perfectly.

Then some lovely fresh Rose Petal Confetti throwing

We bid our farewells ...


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