Colourful Grey

Pumpkins, crunchy leaves, candelit suppers, snuggles on the sofa Autumn, the season of "Mellow Fruitfulness" is here at Flower Design in Lytham St Annes. Orchids are thankfully back in season properly as with most freshly grown produce they are available all year round, but rather like strawberries at Christmas they are so much plumper, luscious and beautiful when bought in the correct season.
So now you're spending a bit more time in-side, why not treat yourself to a fabulous orchid plant and enjoy watching the tiny buds burst into life. The huge gargantuan Chrysanths for outside your front door are back in stock today, so get with the season!
Our brand new window display depicts a forest scene with a collection of "Ghost Trees", Physalis and baby pumkins, our inspiration for this display comes from the "Colourful Grey" Trend for Autumn 2008. Key words include Powerful, Focused, Monochrome, Architectural and Simplicity. The greys are highlighted with very bright flower colour in this case the Physalis (Orange Chinese Lanterns). The result is an exciting interaction between surrounding grey and the powerful colour of the flowers.

So put colour into the greyness of recession, credit crunch and miserable weather buy someone some flowers or a fresh Orchid plant today!


Anonymous said…
Thats wonderful, made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside at the thought of autumn surrounded by such beautiful things! ps the shop loves amazing!

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