Autumn Wedding at The Inn at Whitewell

There are quite a few pics of this wedding, but I've been looking forward to doing it all year, the colours, materials and time of year are so perfect. The venue, The Inn at Whitewell is one of my all time favourites, Sharon at The Inn is so relaxed but totally on the ball, she manages to create an atmosphere where all the guests feel absolutely at home.

St Michael's is small but cosy, the ladies that look after it do a fantastic job.

This is a close up of "Tink's" The Groom's buttonhole we used an Amnesia Rose, fresh Rose Hips, a Scabious seed head, and a sprig of fresh Rosemary (The brides middle name is Rosemary so we used some in everything)

The Groom's party arrived in plenty of time for lots of informal photography.

I pinned everyone's buttonholes on and did a bit of re-styling on the ties.
The Ushers and Best Men (There were two) had buttonholes made from clusters of berries, fragrant herbs and seed heads.

We hung lanterns, Roships and oak Branches on the Lytch Gate.
Here come "The Girls!" The dresses were beautiful and the colour so flattering for these dark haired beauties, they carried posies of fresh herbs, Lotus & Poppy seed pods, Eucalyptus berries, Rosehips and fresh flowers.

The very gorgeous bride Vicky, she absolutely shone totally radiant, the gown was exquisite and I was so glad that she wasn't precious about it the floor was wet but she just let it go, consequently the full effect it created was enjoyed by everyone.

The fragrant bouquet had a collection of nuts, herbs, seeds and berries, "Green Tea" & "Amnesia" Roses, "Black Eyed Beauty"&
"Hot Chocolate" Calla Lilies, Champagne Grass and Ferns the bouquet was framed by fresh Autmnal Oak leaves because Matt proposed under an Oak Tree at Tatton. We tied Grandma's ring into the bow on the handle for Vicky's "Something Old".

The Very, Very Happy Couple
The Door Arch was created using lots of Oak, Rose Hip Branches and Autumnal Hydrangeas. We Hung Lanterns around the door to create feeling of romance.

Close up of The Bridesmaid's bouquets.

An informal line up at The Lytch Gate

The cake was decorated with autumn leaves and posies off the pew ends.

The basket of labels and pens this was handed out by the lovley Jessica, guests wrote their messages and the labels were hung from the seating plan/Guest book Tree.
These are our thoughts and inspirations behind this wedding...Your wedding day is to be filled with a sense of long standing loyalty, created by the intimacy of your guests and the country weekend feel of your wedding celebrations and also the homely, historic nature of your venue and most importantly the strong, symbolic longevity of the Oak Tree. We would wish to add to these elements of your day as well as to contribute to the relaxed and truthful atmosphere surrounding you both. Weaving together humour (Wellies), country houses and the flicker of Autumn: Blackberries, nuts, Autumn oak leaves and Old English Roses. Everything is to look rustic and rambling, tied bundles of fresh fragrant rosemary, miniature secret Gardens for “Tinkerbell” to hide in – contrasted by tall gnarling yet elegant and strong trees dripping with the jewels of Autumn, berries, nuts and leaves. The Table Plan will be a feature that knits our ideas and inspirations together created on a large potted Oak Tree style design. The overall look is to be one of honest, open Romance and natural beauty, ensuring that each and every flower or leaf is beautiful and as a far as possible intrinsically British.

The tables were all named after trees and the centre ones were dresses with their own Autumnal trees.

The top table "Oak" and the "Sycamore" table.

The top table was oval, this is always so much more intimate.

The Chairs were covered by Creative Cover Hire and the colour was just gorgeous.

We did the individual place names on autumn leaves tied to the water glasses with raffia.

The seating Plan tree was lovely, this is the first time we had tried this idea, it was designed specifically for Vicky & Matt, the guests really loved it, later it was used to hang the guests good wish messages on.

As we were leaving the fantastic photographers for the day from Kent Photography were still working hard to ensure some perfect shots.


Anonymous said…
I've been waiting for this all morning, I'm getting marred at Whitewell next year, everything looks amazing Jane, you're so brilliant, love the bridesmaid's dresses do you know where they're from?
could you do trees in the summer do you think or are they just an autumn thing, I love'em! See you soon Jane Emx
Jane Thompson said…
Hi Em
It very much depends on the colour scheme you are going for re-trees, we can discuss in detail when you come for your appointment. The bridesmaids dresses are really beautiful I agree, once Vicky & Matt return from honeymoon I'll find out where the Bridesmaids dresses are from. Best Wishes Jane

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