Wedding Flowers at The White House One Day!

We’ve had three lovely surprises this week, first of all we received a couple of e-mails from some friends of ours who moved out to Majorca about five years ago they’re coming over in October and wanted to catch up over a long lunch, I can’t wait! Then a fabulous young lady Marcelle that worked for us about nine years ago and moved out to Dartmouth to set up a unique deli/florist Smith Street Deli check out their web site it’s gorgeous. Then best of all a personal visit from Paul and Mary Kuntz from Seattle USA it was great to see them again and hear all about their amazingly successful family, they are both so proud of their beautiful daughter Caroline who used to be our Saturday girl many moons ago, she was so smart we all joked that we’d see her as the first woman president of America, the good news is she is on her way, starting a career in acting, which as we all know is one of the most essential attributes to being a successful politician!
We can't wait to come over to create magical flowers at The White House for Caroline's wdding!!


Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh i haven't seen those lovely people for donkeys, im glad they're well!

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