Surprise, Surprise! Wedding Day

So as surprises go this one was pretty huge, gargantuan in fact. Jason & I have known Jackie & Andy together & independently for more years than we would like to remember, they were both involved in the import of artificial flowers consequently our paths had crossed on many occasions, over the years we have become friends.
On Wednesday Jackie came in to see me, this is always a strange one but when someone says “can you keep a secret?” you do need to think about it rather carefully “Am I allowed to tell Jason?” “Yes you are” relief, thank goodness for that, because I honestly can’t, keep a secret that is, from Jason. The plan was that special guests were invited to Jackie’s 40th birthday party, they were asked to bring flats/trainers, and they’d be going on a little jaunt, a trip to the beach or to see a horse who knew? The coach left The Rooms and suddenly, mysteriously broke down outside The White Church. The Groom Andy
A very surprised bridesmaid Sophie
Delivering the bouquet to The Bride, Jackie

The Reverend David Phillips, Jason & I complete with buttonholes & bouquets were there to meet them, there was a lot of bewilderment, a lot of “I guessed” & “I told you so’s”, an awful lot of laughter and tears of joy!

The very shocked & excited bridesmaids altogether there were seven, Ellie & Beckie, Sophie, Trinity, Esme, Sophie & Jade.

Everyone applauded the Bride Groom in.
Everyone seemed to be quite spellbound, caught in the moment!

The service was really fab, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a congregation sing louder (out of tune, maybe, but seriously loud), you know all the bits where you want to applaud but are usually mindful of church etiquette and don’t, well they did, with gusto!

Sam, Jackie, Danielle, Ben, Serena & Joe

The Brides Mum, Jane

The New Mr & Mrs Baker A Very Extatic Couple!

How Happy can one girl be?

Great Legs!
Bride's Mum & Dad Jane & Barry
Sam's left holding the trainers!

The First Dance

Carried over the threshold
The Fish Pie was definitely better than the curry!
Congratulations and thank you so much for inviting us, it really was an honour to be included!
Flower Design Lytham St Annes


Gillian said…
Hi Jane & Jason
What a fantastic bought a tear to my eye just reading it and the photos really do capture the moment.
It was lovely to see you both and well done for keeping your secret!!!
Gill & Tim xxx
andyjak said…
Mr and Mrs Baker are just coming back down to earth after Jak's 40th birthday, our 'suprise' wedding and our house warming all rolled into one big sunny day. Thank you Jane and Jason, you made an already very special day even more special, and your flowers were as always amazing, I loved them, especially Andy's buttonhole!
My husband and I (yikes, that sounds fab!)are so pleased you could join us back at 'the rooms' after the ceremony, and I am glad you preferred the fish pie!
I love the blog, and now I have got the hang of it, I will visit it more frequently.
Need to start thinking about the next event now, promise I will give you more warning for the flowers!
Jackie and Andy (The Very Happy Bride and Groom)x x x

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