The Radio Star

O.K. so I filled our diary this week to avoid any missing Rebecca time. Monday night Step up to The Plate night as previously reported, Wednesday night Andy & Emma’s for dinner with Shannon & Peter, the food as you may expect from an award winning chef was beautiful, the company fab (although I was probably a bit hyper and talked too much as an attempt to overcome my misery) and I was reliably informed that the wine was excellent (I was nominated driver for the evening, everyone else needed to be drunk).
I do feel a little under pressure as Peter has promised to find time in his busy schedule to read my blog I feel honoured now that he is a serious Radio personality following appearances on BBC radio Lancashire reading the weather and offering social commentary, intelligently discussing various time zones around the world and the mechanics of microwave ovens, his importance is such, that personal security has been recommended by many.
Last night was Lower sixth welcome evening at Olivia’s school, following this scintillating event Jason & I had an early night, we both awoke having dreamed we were at Drama School me in a servile catering role but Jason was singing Opera I suppose that says it all!
Tonight we are going to see two of our wonderful Saturday girls Emily Oldroyd & Sophie Coulon in a fabulous Play “Be my Baby” at The Grand Theatre (In the Studio). I have seen this play many, many times it is moving and amusing, it has it all. The play was sold out at The Edinburgh fringe, so come along and have a fab night out, this week has been Emily’s debut as the adorable Dolores and we just can’t wait to see her, Rebecca has played this role for the last twelve months, so you see I really can’t let go... If I carry on like this can anyone recommend a good therapist!


Peter said…
Dearest Jane,

Now I'm under pressure to read your blog.

I am honoured to now be something far more important than a radio star... I am a Jane's blog star.

Wednesday night was great, wonderful company and awesome food.

Much love


P.S. I really do like favours (only if made by Emma) and I am truly ashamed and mortified that I forot to take them home.... do you think we will ever be invited again? and before you ask, the thank you card is on the way! You know Shannon is a serial procrastinator..... but she can create a feast in 24 hours!!
AndyC said…
Favours, Favours, what a waste of time they are?
Only kidding, yes you did all forget them in your rush home with a bellyfull..
They have since been devoured by your hosts so you won't forget them next time !
A truly great evening and cant wait for the next one, who's turn is it
Jane, Jason, Jane, Jason, any idea?
Andy xx

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