Life Essentials

Our eldest daughter is leaving us this weekend to go to London, to go to Drama School where she has always and I mean always wanted to go, so why therefore do I feel so bad? It is the end of an era, and of course the beginning of a brand new exciting chapter for Rebecca. New friends, new lifestyle, and new goals new everything including a brand new toilet brush. She wasn’t aware there was a need for such an undesirable object, I have to say it was an absolute bargain from Asda 47p and only 19p for the toothbrush holder.

We asked her to make a list of life essentials; at the top of her list was a selection of ethnic style cushions, a lamp and very essential bunting. I am 100% certain that bunting has never appeared on a list of household necessities before, I suppose this is typical of Bex, she is quite unique.

Last night as an effort to share some quality time I attempted to show her how to make a very simple chicken casserole, but she already knew how to do it and pointed out that sun blush tomatoes wouldn’t be a store cupboard probability in student Ville and that the white wine I used was much more likely to be drunk than cooked with.

I have packed her a vase, I will take flowers with me when we deliver her on Sunday, she doesn’t know it yet but fresh, vibrant, living flowers are absolutely essential to her. She has never lived in a flower free environment you see, she doesn’t know what it would be like not to smell the fragrance of the season from hyacinths in the spring to sweet peas in the summer and all those earthy, foresty smells that belong to the Autumn, not to mention spicy, citrusy, pine smells of the winter. Flowers make everyone feel better, they make you smile, they make you remember, and they make you feel alive, they keep you in tune with nature and the cycle of life, they are absolutely a life essential.

When we next visit her I fully expect to find flowers in the toilet brush holder!


Mike said…
I want to wish Rebecca all the luck in the world in her acting career.I need to know Rebecca´s address in London, because I too would like to send her a gift from me, her Great Aunty Maureen. I love this blog Jane, congratulations. Lots of love.
Marky said…
Eyup there Jane and co.

The blog looks great, as expected!

We're really glad that Rebecca got off ok, and armed with the Holy Trinity of student survival: toilet brush (with holster)and flowers. As long as she has the essentials, eh?!

Anyway, do send her both of our love. Unfortunately, having got back from India (where computer gremlins made blogging impossible), we're both snowed with work prep, and so won't be able to attend your culinary event. Here's hoping it goes fantabulously, and hopefully we can arrange to see you all soon anyway!

Love Mark and Holly

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