Jo's getting married in the morning

Our very gorgeous Jo is getting married tomorrow, we’ll all be there to see her and share in the best day of her life and of course her handsome groom Jamie. She is such a full on trend kinda girl and we can’t wait to see her gown (Jenny Packham), her hair, her bridesmaids (Vivienne Westwood).
Her flowers are as I’m sure you can all imagine totally fabulous, she has little idea of what they will look like and we’ve told her she’s having “Umpa Lumpas” on the tables, so whatever we do she’ll be relieved. Everyone has had a hand in her flowers, even the florists that never work in the middle (our off-site events workroom).
Jo is our front of house designer, she works for Rachel in the St. Annes shop, and she is beautiful and stylish, seriously arty and creative and has exceptionally good if not slightly wacky taste. That said she has dubious musical predilection, yesterday on Smooth FM (The only radio station she listens to, surely that says it all) we did a lovely request for her “Pretty amazing Grace” Neil Diamond which we all hate but Jo knows all the words to, oddly she knows all the words to almost everything they play on that radio station, I’m sure her parents have a lot to answer for.

So watch this space I’ll post her pics on Monday


Mike said…
Jane, what a delightful surprise. Maureen and I are knocked out by your blog. Not only is it a great idea, but you do it so well! And the pictures are such a plus, not to mention getting some news of the family in passing, like Rebecca off to conquer London.

It's all very exciting. Keep up the good work on the blog which will provide lots of flower-powered delight for everyone and, P.S., it can't hurt your business, either.

Kiss, kiss to everyone,

Mike & Maureen
Granada, Spain

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