Charlotte and Stephen Potts

Sparkle & Fizz

The whole feeling and look of this big day was to be strikingly glamorous, this wedding was a statement of quality. We had ideas of lavishness and opulence with sprinkling sparkles and dazzling diamonds creating a twinkle in the eyes of all the guests. Using stark, elegant, whites and platinum’s, bejewelled and sublime, using flowers, representative of richness and all the beauty within that, such as smooth, linear Calla and Arum Lilies, Singapore orchids, Roses, Spray roses, fresh fragrant eucalyptus, beargrass trails and loops and aralia leaves.

Charlotte & Stephen are bound to have a long and happy life together as the heavens opened and showered them both with blessings of happiness, rain on your wedding day is supposed to bring you luck, longevity and fertility.


Miss Pickering said…
Thank you for your comment, your website is beautiful, and very posh! You do some amazing weddings. Was the bouquet your bride brought in the dusky pink one with cezanne, diadeem and old dutch? - it's very popular.
jane thompson said…
Miss Pickering,
No it was a glorious pedestal, with delphiniums and Molucella. We noticed you mentioned Marcelle & Simon in your blog, Marcelle used to work here before she moved down south, it's a small world isn't it!
Alexandra Wood said…
i love these white flowers, i was beginning to think white would be boring, but I still think they look elegant. The white flowers at the white church are fantastic and this bouquet is exquisite, (and it's in September lol)

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