Step up to the plate night cont.

Brian & Kim

Peter(My Rotund Bro) & Michelle
My Mum, My Step Dad & Olivia Olivia & The Invincible Mr Colin Snell Drama Teacher to the Stars
Sensational Sally & Martin the Marvelous (He has so much to put up with)
Mary & Paul Whittle
Mary & Alisdhair McPhie

Claire Smith & Hilary Townsend
Elaine (AKA Marie from "Everyone loves Raymond" fame) & Mark Smith


mary whittle said…
fantastic night - good food, great company and especially nice to see Mr Snell , love Mary
AndyC said…
Mark looking happy at the bottom, now where did I put that medallion..
Glad everyone enjoyed it, maybe they will ask us back on the show one day when they do a 'best of step up to the plate' winners 2008

We will all be old fat and wrinkly by then..
Oh Damn we already are

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