Party weekend 27th July

This week has been knock out , Saturday night we had festivities in our back garden, Olivia’s super sweet sixteen, we invited neighbours, put cards through every door explaining live music would finish at 9:00. The band were brilliant “Black Top” had only just set up, hadn’t even played a note and we had the parish council lady round, she had received 5 complaints already, then a number of knocks on the door, Jason decided at this point we should ring for back up. Thankfully Sue & Mike McKenna come to the rescue, Jason sounded more convincing when he was telling people the band would finish at 9:00, though legally they could go on until 11:00, the thought of Sue somewhere in the background seemed to have given him the confidence he needed. The party was fabulous, no alcohol, just a bunch of kids high on life what could be better! And no-one went to bed until 2:00 am.

"Black Top" were sensational, they are fresh, innovative (Playing a couple of their own songs), full of energy and bags of personality, the only thing they need is probably a bit of styling but after Saturday night I'm sure they'll have no difficulty finding volunteers to re-style them, Well done guys you were brilliant, If anyone wants a contact number for them just give me a call or post a comment.

Sunday was a little more hectic, thirty or so guest, some of whom are veggies for a big family BBQ, Bouncy castle ordered with roof, our house is no longer child friendly, no one will be allowed in. People arrived in waves, which helped with the cooking, I love my family, we are so lucky, however all of them together at the same time in the same small garden is a little overwhelming, I had forgotten how competitive we all are, and when a chocolate fountain gets involved, well!, thankfully we are all quite protective of the chocolate so disaster was averted. Then there was the problem of the Calamari and King Prawns, these had been saved for veggies along with my mums amazing Courgette & Feta tart, the meat eaters amongst us suggested favouritism, the platters were put down and emptied instantaneously, veggies tend not to be competitive, there is no need, as a rule no-one usually wants what they’re eating, it was nice to see them looking panicky about food.
As this was a party with adults alcohol was included, now Mark Smith doesn’t partake unless it’s Champagne, so why, why, why Does he insist on behaving as though he has had a tipple or two? poor Claire ended up being thrown on the bouncy castle, in her beautiful shell pink taffeta skirt, at this point lots of us decide to change into trousers. Mark is also responsible for polishing off mum’s egg custard that hadn’t made it out to the table.


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